Recent apartment closings

and Bridge loans

Example Closings- Monty Busch and Urban Coyote Funding
  • 32 unit apartment building  -  400k , purchase 800k
  • 50 unit apartments - 450k
  • 4 unit 250k (luxury)
  • 75 units apts (Arizona) – 350k for rehab , 20% occupancy on property
  • Retail strip center  - 1.2 million, value 2.8 million
  • 1 acre commercial infill land – 300k,, value 700k
  • 132 acres raw land – 2 million loan
  • 170 acres land for resi development – 900, value 1.6 million
  • 9 townhomes – loan 500k, value 900k
  • 3 acres raw land (hard corners) 350k
  • 8000 foot office building – 320k
  • 1.5 acres downtown area-360k
  • 89 acres commercial land – loan 900, value 1.7 million



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Multifamily bridge loan

Nationwide (top 25 type markets ) for deals over 500k and for in Texas we will consider major markets : Dallas,Houston,San Antonio and Austin and also smaller markets in Texas such as Amarillo,Lubbock, Midland, El Paso, Tyler-Longview, Waco, College Station, and The Gulf Coast to the Valley. Loans in Texas as small as 200k.





Apartment Bridge Process


We can arrange loans both internally and as intermediary giving us superior flexibility access more capital. Typical bridge and hard money loans may go up 10 million and more for “A” type properties and borrowers.


Texas Hard Money Blog




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Apartment Hard Money loans & transaction types-

Apartment loans considered:

-Purchase and Rehab multifamily
-Purchase only (loan off of as is value)
-Refinance (payoff seller carry, mature loan…)
-Cash out (many clients cash out after paying -cash to acquire the apartment building)

WHERE: We are located in Texas but consider apartment buildings in most top 50 markets. 
1-3 Years 

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